Relieve Stress

Boost the Body’s Natural Healing Ability

Improve Health and Well-being


Whether you are looking for relief from everyday stress, relief from the emotional pain of a past event, or relief from physical pain or illness, the Energy Health Coach is here to help you. In a safe and relaxing environment, you will have the opportunity to…

  • Deeply relax the body and mind
  • Release emotional stressors and tension that have accumulated over the years
  • Increase feelings of peacefulness, joy, and overall well-being
  • Remove blocks to healing
  • Shift to positive, empowered choices
  • Conquer fears and anxiety
  • Strengthen confidence and self-esteem

 The Energy Health Coach is dedicated to helping you experience relief from the physical, mental, emotional, and environmental stressors that interfere with living a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life. 

Do you find it difficult to let go and relax?

Do your fears keep you from living the life that you desire?

Are you experiencing daily tension and pain?

The Energy Health Coach can help you!

Life happens.  It’s not always exactly what we want it to be.  Stress, pain, fear, anxiety, injury, worry, loss, illness, anger, trauma can influence our well-being more than we realize. Sometimes we think we are handling it all so well. But are we really? Each of these life experiences can throw our body and emotions out of balance which in turn negatively affects our health.

Is your body out of balance?

What is your body saying to you?  Is it calling out for relaxation, attention, change?  Our body is our greatest barometer and friend…yes, even when it is in pain! Sometimes it’s just difficult to know what it is trying to tell us.

Sometimes we just need a little help.

Your personal Energy Health Coach, Cheryle Lichtenberger, has brought together three very powerful Energy Balancing Techniques that will help you to disconnect from the stress, fear, worry, negativity, memories, and emotions that prevent you from finding inner balance and harmony in your health and in your life.

“Cheryle thank you so much…I feel wonderful and relaxed and a lot of stress has lifted off of me…You do truly amazing work.”                                                                       Dr. Paul Nottoli, DC

“I am doing great, no more anxiety, your technique helped so much!”
Colette G.

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Your Energy Health is Directly Related to

Your Physical and Emotional Health!

The mind and body work beautifully together; when you help one, the other will respond positively as well. Cheryle will safely guide you through a transformation that will leave you in a positive state of receptivity and deep relaxation.

Experience the power of these techniques today.

You will feel better!


Contact Cheryle to schedule an appointment or to ask your questions.

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